"It Made Me Laugh"


[Farey in the Pond]
[The Hall Curtains]
[The Rescued Rubbers]
[Prisoner in the Tower]
[An Attack of Wind]
[Tiger's Inquisition]
[Caribbean Latin]
[Gunner Loses His Bite]
[David Baker Remembers
[Making Nylon]
[Nobby's Sense of Humour]
[Skull & Crossbones]
[Let Rip]
[Be sure thy sins will find thee out]
This section features things that made us laugh when we were at school, and the memories that are still making us laugh today.

It starts with the "famous" Goodbyee incident in 1965, which so many people have remembered and reminded me about.

To read these amusing memories click on the links on the left (latest item at the bottom).  To contribute to this section, click on the link below.


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