Caribbean Latin

Do you remember Mr Mahabir who taught Latin in the late 60s?  He came from Kingston, Jamaica and had a fairly strong accent which just didn’t seem to fit with Latin.  Amabo, bis bit, bimus bimini, banturrrrr….

He spent most of the lessons vigorously chalking up tiny writing on the blackboard with his back to the class.

Of course this gave scope for skulduggery.  The large part of one lesson was spent by the class manufacturing an impressive variety of paper planes to be passed to those in the window seats in the tower classroom who could launch them on test flights behind Sir’s back.  Aero designs got progressively more exotic before Buzzer must have worked out the flight trajectories and burst in.

In another of Mr Mahabir’s lessons, a trend for ruler flicking well-chewed blotting paper onto the ceiling reached epidemic proportions, before a period of suppressed hysteria and suspense waiting for the stuff to dry and fall on Sir before the bell went.

Item sent in by Dave Thacker 5K 1970/71

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