Let Rip

Cynthia Turner (now Cyndy Hill) remembers an incident in a Chemistry Class lead by Mr Matthews.

It would either have been around 1963 or 1964 when we had Mr Meadows teaching us Chemistry in one of the science labs.

I remember him as being rather portly and always wore his black gown and always told us we should read our chemistry text books every night for an hour before bed.  (yeah right!)

Anyway, one day, he had his back to us writing on the blackboard and he suddenly very loudly let rip.  We were all silent, then he turned around and leered at us all and said, "that's what I like to hear, a good old English fart".

As you can imagine the class was then in total uproar with laughter and didn't settle for the rest of the lesson.

      I wonder if anyone else remembers this incident?

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