The Case of the Rescued Rubbers

Dave Thorneycroft remembers this incident involving Nobby Clarke and form 5C.


Pencil & RubberThe incident in the Technical Drawing Room took place after Nobby left us to walk round the glass sided raised corridor to the staff room ...?  Being immature adolescent boys the sudden reduction in tension led us to immediately begin to throw pencil rubbers at each other across the room.

Drawing boards were used as shields as the onslaught gained momentum. It was a battleground with rubbers flying in all directions as excitement and mild hysteria built up.  It was a warm afternoon and the windows were open so several rubbers ended up on the flat roof below the Technical Drawing Room. Rubber

A cry went up that Nobby was on his way back and 'Jock' Ward was persuaded to go through the window on to the roof to retrieve the evidence.  I remember being helpless with suppressed laughter at the expression on his face as the window was closed behind him.  Frantic activity was going on in an attempt to Rubberrestore the room to a semblance of its usual order as Jock was let back in before Nobby arrived at the door.

One could sense Nobby knew something had been going on as his eyes darted round for evidence.  It was a close call but I have no recollection of consequences arising from it. Perhaps others remember differently.

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