Be sure thy sins will find thee out

Please note. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty!
This little tale happened during my third or fourth year at Trinity, 1961 or 1962.
There was an "acquaintance" of mine at school, a pupil called John Smith. Now John had a very bad habit of borrowing my push bike at lunch times as he knew I always stopped at school for school dinners (yuk!).  Anyway, sometimes he asked my permission to borrow my bike and at other times he didn't.
One lunch time as I was walking out of school I noticed John with my bike, (no, he hadn't asked my permission to borrow it) so I decided to follow him.  I followed him all the way to Woolworth's on Abington Street where I watched him leave my bike outside and go into the shop.  I then decided to teach him a lesson, so I retrieved my bike from outside Woolwoth's and hid around a corner to see what John did.
Well, he came out of the shop and noticed that my bike was missing.  I watched him look around to see if he could see it, of course he couldn't.  Then to my horror I saw him talking to a passing policeman.  At that point I rode off like mad back towards school.  When I got there, I returned my bike to the bike shed and made my way to class.
In the middle of the afternoon I was summoned to Mr. Howard's office.  Upon my arrival I found John Smith (looking sheepish), Mr. Howard and a policeman.  The policeman asked me if I knew where my push bike was.  I replied that it was in the bike shed.  He then suggested that we all make our way to the bike shed to prove that it was, in fact my bike in the bike shed.  This we duly did.  He then asked me if anything out of the ordinary had happened this lunch time.  I replied that I had been shopping in town and noticed my push bike outside Woolworth's and as I did not want it stolen I rode it back to school.  John Smith received "six of the best" for his actions and never went near my bike again.
The morale of this story is, "Be sure thy sin's will find thee out"
Terry Chapman
Trinity School
1959 to 1963


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