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This section of the website contains complete copies of The Tower Magazine.  The magazine was produced from 1959 until 1974. 


Early editions contained a section called Around the Forms (except 1964), but that was discontinued after 1965.  A selection of these are on the "Around the Forms Pages", although not all forms are included.  You can read this from the button above.  There is also a button above for a special page on "Gunner" Wright.  All of the magazines can be reached from the button bar at the bottom of the page.


The Tower in 1973Other articles from The Tower are shown with a page for each year.  The section for Adverts reflect the products and job adverts of the era, with samples of adverts taken from the magazines. 


The format of the magazine changed totally in 1973 when the school became a comprehensive, with a new shape and a new colour to reflect the changes taking place in the school.  There are two editions of this new format.  In 1975 the magazine changed again, and became "Insight".  It was no longer a printed booklet, but was duplicated in school.  Later it was replaced again by Trinity News.  Some of these later magazines are included in the After 74 section.



The first edition in 1959 contained a foreword by Buzzer, which is in the box below.


IN process of growth, our school is gathering to itself everything associated with full life and work.  The most recent development to appear is the school magazine and through this medium we hope to present ourselves and our activities to a widening circle of readers.

I have pleasure in writing this Foreword because it gives me an opportunity to thank the Editors, their helpers on the Staff, and the contributors for the time and effort given to this new venture. May it have long life and every success.

B. S. HOWARD, M.Sc.(Tech.), M.A., Headmaster

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