Bob Sanders

Bob went to Trinity High School, leaving in 1964 at the age of 16.  In 1972 he emigrated to Australia, here is his story.  [The picture on the right shows Bob on his passport photo taken in 1970]

Mum & Me in 1964
I reached the end of the fifth year in 1964 and left school then.  I did an electrical apprenticeship in Northampton and then worked as an electrician around the local area until 1972 when a change was decided.  Myself, along with fellow friends from school George Cookson and Keith (Curly) Ager decided that we would holiday a bit further afield.  We decided that the cheapest way was to emigrate for a couple of years. After deciding that Canada was much too cold we settled on Australia.  It all looked good in the brochures so got sponsored by the Queensland Government via their office in the Strand, had the necessary medicals and off we went for 10 quid.  This was very good value considering the cost included the train to Southampton via London, a five week cruise to Sydney via Rotterdam, the Canary Islands, Capetown, Perth and Melbourne, accommodation in Sydney, the train up to Brisbane and accommodation in Brisbane for a week or so until we got jobs.  Not bad for only 10 quid.

We all got jobs easily and settled in to the warm laid-back lifestyle here.  We lost contact with George Cookson after a couple of years and have not seen him since despite various attempts to find him both here and in the UK.  He seems to have just disappeared.  He was due to fly up from Sydney in Sept 1975 for my wedding but didn't show up and has not been seen since.  A bit of a mystery.  I am still friends with Keith Ager who also still lives here in Brisbane. A photo is attached of the three stooges soon after arrival in OZ.

The "Three Stooges" shortly after arrival in Oz
When we came here we had intentions of returning home after the compulsory two year minimum stay but we fell in love with the place and the people here.  I wouldn't now live anywhere else.  The ironic thing is that the girl that I married is also a Pom. She emigrated here from Bolton with her parents in 1963.  We have been married for 29 years this year.

Mount Olivet Hospital
I have worked in the electrical field all the time I have been here in various roles from electrician to high flying managerial positions.  As I am now getting towards retirement age I am seeing out the rest of my working life in a maintenance environment at a hospital overlooking the Brisbane River (Mount Olivet attached ).  My wife and I live in a nice house about half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast where the garden backs right down to a river and I spend a lot of time leaning on the home bar that I built in my spare time (nicknamed The Sanders Arms ) and drinking the English style beer that I brew myself.

I have one daughter and one grand daughter.

I return to the UK every couple of years or so as my parents still live in Kingsthorpe and I have a sister in London so I like to visit them as often as possible.  Our favourite local holiday destination is Fiji. Wonderful friendly people.

I have lived here now for over thirty years and became an Australia citizen years ago and carry an Oz passport, so I would imagine that I will spend the rest of my days here.  I still love England, especially the pubs which I take full advantage of on my visits, but home is Australia.  The climate, the lifestyle and the Aussies themselves have to be experienced to be appreciated.  Much as I love England and the fact that I was born and brought up there, something that I am very proud of, I still believe Australia to be the best country in the world.  Accordingly I am also very proud to be able to call myself an Aussie.  Australia has been very good to me and my family.

Bob today
Relaxation Corner in Our House
The "Sanders Arms"
The Bar
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