Former Pupils who Have Lived or Worked a Long Way from Northampton

PakistanMany former pupils of Trinity High School have moved hundreds or thousand of miles from Northampton to live or to work in very different parts of the world.  This section of the website enables them to share their experiences with others from school days.


Many of these former pupils have some interesting tales to tell.  People have undertaken teaching work in some the world's most deprived areas, while some live in some of the most inhospitable places and others enjoy the good life in another part of the world.  Here are a few of their stories.


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Freda Baker (now Fred Skelton) lives in Turkey.  She and her husband moved there to retire, but after two years got offered a job, and now works 7 days per week during the season.
Bernard Brown left Trinity in 1964 and has lived in a number of different places, but finally settled in Canada.  He describes life in Canada, with its extremes of temperature and the career that took him and keeps him there.
Chris Cork who has had a very interesting sounding life, and has been an aid worker in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He is now a journalist for several publications in Pakistan.  Apart from some details about his life and experience, he has provided several interesting articles on living and travelling in Pakistan. 
Lix Dexter describes her route through various countries in the Far East ending up near Bangkok, and how she and her husband intend to stay there for their retirement.
Peter Douglas has been a regular contributor to this site, giving us plenty of memories of his days at school in the late 50's and early 60's.  Here he describes how he ended up in Albany, New York, where he lives with his Marilyn and until recently worked for the New York State Talking Book and Braille Library Cultural Education Center.  He is now retired.
Carole Gibson Carole escaped to Cornwall first, and then moved to Spain, where she now lives.  She has two books published and is working on a third.
Mike Horne Mike describes how he went from Trinity to a small town in Virginia, about 100 miles south of Washington DC, via many changes of career and a lot of different places.  Mike has had a full, varied and interesting life.
Chris Kent moved to Las Vegas three years ago in a rush of buying a house and doing everything necessary in ten days.  Now she describes the lifestyle in the land of the hot sun and the real 24/7 society.
Patricia Major now Patricia Moore, describes the experiences she has gained working in developing countries.  She has now worked on a number of projects in Africa, Sri Lanka and India. Her page has been updated in June 2011 with the addition of her latest assignment.
Lee Maloney is now retired but lives in Yorkshire.  He describes how he left school to build organs and then became a school teacher after a spell as a Telecoms engineer.  He is now a part time guide at Castle Howard and is in to Amateur Dramatics and Karate.
Jeff Pittam Jeff left the school in 1958.  Jeff now lives in Australia, but has had an interesting time since he left school with 4 separate "lives" and 3 wives.
Richard Pomeroy left THS in 1964.  Having not been sure that he wanted to do, he found he had an aptitude for teaching and started a career in education.  His career took him to New Zealand after the death of his wife.  However, he soon turned his hobby of sailing in to something bigger and ran a sail training ship.  After that he stayed in the marine world and worked at the National Maritime Museum in Auckland.  Richard now lives in both New Zealand and the UK.
Bob Sanders who now lives in Australia.  He describes how he got there, and why he is now an Australian with strong affection for the UK. 
Graham Tilson who works in the United Arab Emirates, but who has also worked in New Zealand and Pakistan.  Graham describes how he got there, and where he plans to go when he retires.


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