The Year Books

Each year the school published a Year Book giving details of the Staff, the Calendar for the year, the Prefects, and the Forms, with the names of those in each form, with their house, the form master/mistress and the form room.  At the back of the book were fixtures for the various sporting activities, school clubs, the rules, and library information.  Not all the books had all of the sections

Not all of the information is included, as some of the year books have suffered a little with age, and not all pages could be reproduced.  The school rules have only been included for the 1959/60 and 1971/72 books, as there were a lot of them and for many years they remained unchanged, and they have been included on a special page for Rules.

Some things are clear comparing the earlier and later year books.  The size of the sixth form had increased significantly, there was now no first or second years, and the number of rules had been dramatically reduced from 41 in 1959 to 24 in 1971.  After that they were not included in the yearbook at all.

Click on the buttons on the left to read the information in each year book, or the button at the top of the page for the School Rules.

All of the Year Books use the following abbreviations.  However, there are a number of abbreviations that are not explained anywhere in the original books.  If anyone knows that they are, then please e-mail.

Key to Sections
A - Arts C - Commerce D - Domestic Science F - ???
G - General Gt-??? L - Languages M - Modern
S - Science SO - Sociology T - Technical
Bl - Blakeman Bu - Burghley K - Kelvin M - Mobbs

The pages for the pupils in each form have been retyped, along with the details of the staff.  This lengthy and somewhat boring task was undertaken by Steve Garrett.  The purpose of this retyping is that as images they were not properly searchable.  Now, with the names retyped you can use the search page to look for any individual.  Thank you to Steve.

The search facility is working already, although it may not yet be fully indexed.  It should be fully indexed by Google in a week or so.  Secondly, the process of retyping and then converting to webpages may have introduced some errors.  If you spot an error, then please e-mail me so that I can correct the error.  Typical errors might be a misspelling, a missing class, or a repeated class, or possibly the odd missing pupil.  We have both checked carefully, but some errors do go unnoticed. 


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